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Appointment training for prospective professors


Training for prospective professors to complete the appointment process successfully.

Target groups

post-doctoral graduates /

Implementing organization

University of Vienna - Gender Equality and Diversity unit /




Since 2010

Relation to gender equality targets

Development Plan 2020: Point 4.6.3. Gender equality and diversity (“For the University of Vienna, the promotion of gender equality between women and men is therefore a key concern. Objectives include a balanced ratio between women and men at all levels (…) and equal starting conditions and access opportunities for women and men.”)

The objective(s) of the tool

The training is aimed at increasing transparency of the appointment process since there still are fewer women than men in professorial positions.

Description of the tool

Being an important contribution to the improvement of career prospects of female academics at the University of Vienna, the measure offered represents a substantial push towards gender equality. Ten female academics are invited to participate in the 2.5-day workshop, hailing from all of Uni Wien’s fields. They acquire extensive formal and informal knowledge, effectively preparing them for professorship applications in Austria and abroad. The target group consists of female academics at the University of Vienna who have successfully completed habilitation or hold equivalent qualifications, and are currently candidates in an appointment process or plan to apply for professorship in the years ahead.

Thematic focal points:
Formal organizational conditions; coaching in the area of soft skills; unwritten rules of the appointment process; being interviewed by the appointment committee; salary negotiation strategies.

How the tool works, practical experience

The appointment training has been taking place for many years now, demand is very high.