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Booklet: “Steps to successful habilitation”


Booklet on the regulatory framework for the habilitation process (qualification for lecturer status) at the University of Vienna, with guidelines and background Information.

Target groups

Habilitands/Post-Doc /

Implementing organization

University of Vienna - Gender Equality and Diversity unit /




Implemented at the University of Vienna since 2016

Relation to gender equality targets

Development Plan 2020: Point 4.6.3. Gender equality and diversity (“For the University of Vienna, the promotion of gender equality between women and men is therefore a key concern. Objectives include a balanced ratio between women and men at all levels (…) and equal starting conditions and access opportunities for women and men.”)

The objective(s) of the tool

Since fewer women than men are committing to the habilitation process at university, the leaflet is intended to provide clarification of the necessary steps towards it.

Description of the tool

The aim was to render an overview of the habilitation process in as concise a manner as possible, informed by key experiences drawn from regularly scheduled workshops entitled  “Habilitation – Annäherung an ein akademisches Ritual“ (“Habilitation – approaching the ritual of academia”). Given the increasing internationalization of universities and since habilitation is not common in every country, the leaflet is available in both German and English.

Arranged in three distinct areas (“Universities Act”, “University Statutes” and “Guidelines”) the main element of the leaflet depicts the route to habilitation in 16 steps.

Alongside this overview, female academics who have completed habilitation at the University of Vienna supplement their experiences and habilitation is described as a distinctive feature of certain countries. Elise Richter, specialist in Romance studies and first woman to complete habilitation at the University of Vienna is also portrayed. In her honor, a bust has recently been installed in University of Vienna’s Arkadenhof, which is why an image of this iconic setting features on the front cover of the leaflet.

How the tool works, practical experience

The booklet is a recent publication (late 2016) and is in great demand both within and outside the University of Vienna.

Special thanks

Ute Riedler


Steps to successful habilitation.pdf