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Equal opportunity as quality characteristic of excellent research


Gender medicine and research – gender mainstreaming in grant applications

Target groups

Habilitands/Post-Doc / PhD students/pre-docs / University Students /

Implementing organization

Innsbruck Medical University - Coordination Office for Non-Discrimination, Promotion of Women and Gender Research /


Ulrike Nachtschatt, Office for Gender Research and Teaching; ulrike.nachtschatt@i-med.ac.at


At the Medical University of Innsbruck since 2012, updated in 2015

Relation to gender equality targets

Performance agreement 2013-2015: Advising on gender-specific project applications; initiating diploma/doctoral theses in gender medicine.

The objective(s) of the tool

Disseminating know-how in order to increase the chances of gender perspectives being integrated into research proposals

Improving gender equality-specific sections in applications qualitatively.

Increasing the chances that gender mainstreaming will also be applied on a structural level

Description of the tool

In brief, concise manner the guideline features the following contents:

– Gender mainstreaming as a Pre-requisite for Research Grants

– Definition of gender medicine

– Gender mainstreaming in Grant Applications

– Checklist for a Sex- and Gender-sensitive Research Approach

– Overview of Gender Medicine Courses at the Medical University of Innsbruck

– Literature

The tool is based on the ‘Gender sensitive research cycle’ developed at the behest of the European Commission (European Commission (2009), Toolkit. Gender in EU-funded research. Yellow Window Management Consultants). This was adapted for the area of medical research.

German- and English-language versions.

How the tool works, practical experience

The guide is handed out at the university to all degree candidates in human medicine, all graduates of the master’s program in molecular medicine as well as all students in the clinical-medical doctorate program. The agreements for diploma/master’s/doctoral theses include an obligation to consider aspects of gender medicine in academic work.


English guideline(.pdf)