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Improving compatibility of career and family – recommendations for senior staff and decision makers


Recommendations developed at the University of Vienna for compatibility of work and family.

Target groups

managerial staff /

Implementing organization

University of Vienna - Gender Equality and Diversity unit /




Implemented at the University of Vienna since 2015

Relation to gender equality targets

Compatibility of studies or career and responsibilities for the care of children and family members requiring care, has represented a guiding principle for universities concerning fulfilment of their tasks since the Amendment of the Universities Act (UG) 2002 entered into effect in January 2015. (Section 2 (13) UG).


The objective(s) of the tool

The recommendations are intended to provide senior staff with a basic awareness concerning issues of compatibility. In addition, they supply concrete suggestions regarding organizational conditions of every day working life at the university.


Description of the tool

An internal working group on compatibility at the University of Vienna developed the recommendations. Members of the working group included representatives of the Human Resources and Gender Equality Unit, the two employees’ councils (academic and non-academic staff), the Professors’ Appointment Consulting Service, the Children’s office and the chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Working Party.

The recommendations were coordinated with university management and signed by the Rector of the University of Vienna and the Vice Rector responsible in May 2015. They have been disseminated within the university broadly and are intended to tangibly contribute to improving the conditions concerning compatibility of career and care responsibilities.


Download Recommendations (in German only)