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Women’s Report of the University of Art and Design Linz


Analyzing gender relations: staff, students

Target groups

Committees / managerial staff / University Management /

Implementing organization

Co-ordination Office for Gender Issues, University of Art and Design Linz /


Karina Koller; karina.koller@ufg.at


Has been in existence at the University of Art and Design Linz since 2011

Relation to gender equality targets

Plan for the Advancement of Women of the University of Art and Design Linz: Section 5 Imperative for the Advancement of Women (one central objective: eliminating the underrepresentation of women)

The objective(s) of the tool

  • implementing and substantiating the Plan for the Advancement of Women
  • establishing continuous monitoring – first Women’s Report published in 2011
  • viewing in detail the gender relations for institutes/study programs/staff categories
  • being starting point for strategic considerations and action planning

Description of the tool

The Co-ordination Office for Gender Issues compiles the Women’s Report every 3 years. In it, the proportion of women and men among the staff of respective organizational units is investigated from specific analytical perspectives (employment ratios, types of contract, gender pay gap, etc.). Analyzing data on students in individual study programs across the entire course of studies represents another focus of the report. Based on the data, the report features practical recommendations for action for decision makers.

How the tool works, practical experience

The Women’s Report is central in discussing developments in gender-relations with university management (Rectorate, Senate). Planning concrete areas of focus is done by specifically utilizing the report.