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Handbook Managing Parental Leave


Handbook containing the most important information on leave management

Implementing organization

University of Vienna - Gender Equality and Diversity unit /





Relation to gender equality targets

Compatibility of studies or career and responsibilities for the care of children and family members requiring care, has represented a guiding principle for universities concerning fulfilment of their tasks since the Amendment of the Universities Act (UG) 2002 entered into effect in January 2015. (Section 2 (13) UG).

The objective(s) of the tool

The Handbook Managing Parental Leave offers guidance and aids (expecting) parents as well as senior staff in planning and implementing periods of leave effectively and in a structured manner.

Description of the tool

Being one of the largest employers in Austria, the University of Vienna also employs many (expecting) parents faced with the challenges of reconciling career and family care obligations. Organizing the period of leave represents one of these challenges, concerning, however, not only (expecting) parents but also their supervisors. The Human Resources and Gender Equality unit has produced a handbook on the topic of managing parental leave to support Uni Wien’s employees. Beginning with the notification of approaching parenthood, the book covers the entire cycle up to (full) reentry, offering guidance and assistance to (expecting) parents as well as their supervisors so that periods of leave can be planned and implemented effectively and in a structured manner. It lists, for example, relevant points of contact within the university and notification deadlines and also contains checklists and guidelines for meetings in relation to organizing leave and managing reentry.

How the tool works, practical experience

The handbook has only recently become available to employees.


Handbook Managing Parental Leave.pdf (in German only)