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Iris Fischlmayr – Awards and Scholarship


Awards for diversity-related dissertations/theses, scholarship for a female junior scholar in natural sciences and/or technology

Target groups

PhD students/pre-docs / University Students /

Implementing organization

JKU Linz - Department for Human Resource Development, Gender and Diversity Management /


Dr. Marietta Hainzer, marietta.hainzer@jku.at


Call is open annually in spring, initially announced in 2019

Relation to gender equality targets

At JKU, awards, scholarships and grants are embedded in the official documents following:

Plan for the Advancement of Women:
§ 30 Supportive measures related to studying
(4) Scholarships (in particular doctoral scholarships and scholarships for academic excellence) are to be announced in an appropriate manner. JKU shall work towards attracting additional scholarships for women.
§ 33 Human resources and organizational development
(2) JKU shall take appropriate HR, organizational and budgetary measures to achieve the following goals: […]
2. Promotion of young female scholars and students.

Development Plan ’19-’24 and performance agreement ’19-’21:
“[…] developing and implementing a new scholarship scheme for female scholars represents an important element in the efforts to increase the share of women in scientific leadership.”

The objective(s) of the tool

Promoting and acknowledging diversity-related research in the fields of social- and economic sciences, law, and/or medical sciences at JKU and beyond.

Supporting female junior scholars at JKU in completing a technical-scientific dissertation.

Description of the tool

The prizes and scholarship are named after Prof. Dr. Iris Fischlmayr who, until her premature death in 2017, headed the Department of International Management. Amongst other areas of interest, Prof Fischlmayr researched issues of how to reconcile family and work; she received the Karl-Leitl price for her paper “Married, mom and manager – how can this be combined with an international career”.

In her memory, the JKU began awarding the Iris Fischlmayr awards in 2019: one outstanding, diversity-related MA/diploma thesis and one outstanding, diversity-related doctoral dissertation in the fields of social- and economic sciences, law, and/or medical sciences will each receive EUR 2,500. Starting in 2020, applications are no longer restricted to JKU and the awards have been announced internationally as well.

The Iris-Fischlmayr scholarship is a research scholarship awarded annually in accordance with Section 95 of the Universities Act (UG) as amended: to finish her dissertation, one female scholar in natural sciences and/or technology at JKU is granted EUR 2,500 each month over a period of 12 months.

An expert jury chaired by the Vice-Rector for Research, Gender and Diversity of Johannes Kepler University Linz chooses the winning entries.

How the tool works, practical experience

In the first year, the Iris Fischlmayr prizes and scholarship only attracted very little attention (one application). Efforts have been made at publicizing the program.

In 2020 invitations to apply for the awards were disseminated outside the JKU and via Euraxess. As a result the program saw 4 applications for the dissertation award, 21 for the MA/diploma thesis and 4 scholarship applicants.


Call on JKU website (in German only)

Invitation to Apply