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Flexible childcare for age groups 1-12, in cooperation with OÖ Hilfswerk

Target groups

general staff/administrative staff / scientific staff / artistic-scientific staff / University Students /

Implementing organization

JKU Linz - Department for Human Resource Development, Gender and Diversity Management /


Department for Human Resource Development, Gender and Diversity Management, gd@jku.at


Established in 2011

Relation to gender equality targets

Within the reaudit of “hochschuleundfamilie” (“universityandfamily”), JKU commits to a university culture that is family-friendly and promotes compatibility of work/studies and family.

Under 8.Societal Goals & Sociopolitical Responsibility, the Development Plan ’19-’24 contains the following statement: “Family-friendly studies/work and connected to it compatibility of career and family are matters of great concern at JKU.”

Excerpt from the Plan for the Advancement of Women:
Ҥ 31 In principle, no disadvantages related to studying or graduating shall arise from compatibility of studies and family responsibilities, pregnancy, parenthood as well as care for dependent relatives

The objective(s) of the tool

Allowing as well as improving compatibility of studies/work and family

Description of the tool

Company day nursery for children of employees between the ages of 1-3 and flexible childcare for children of both students and employees aged 4-12.

Excerpt from Kidsversity Website:

  1. Our educational concept and program focuses on the children and their individual needs.
  2. Our various activities encourage the children to explore and use all of their senses.
  3. Children progress differently and our patient caregivers support self-paced development.
  4. Consistency and a regular schedule give children a sense of security.
  5. Our program and activities nurture children and prepare them to successfully continue on to school or other institutions.
  6. Our hours are based on a survey designed to take parents’ wishes and needs into account.

One hour of childcare costs two Euros.

How the tool works, practical experience

Kidsversity is in high demand. The rectorate has initiated the launch of a second group, scheduled to start in March 2021. In the longer term, Kidsversity will be housed in its own building.


Website Kidsversity