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Sexism and sexual harassment in the context of universities


Free workshop for all female members of the four Graz Universites (and for all members who identify as female)

Target groups

no target group restriction /

Implementing organization

Graz University - Coordination Centre for Gender Studies and Equal Opportunities /


Dr. Barbara Hey, barbara.hey@uni-graz.at


Introduced at the University of Graz in 2019

Relation to gender equality targets

Sexism and sexual harassment in particular have been shown to impede the academic careers of women at universities.


The objective(s) of the tool

Identifying boundary violations and reacting to them as well as possibly preventing them within one’s personal university surroundings.


Description of the tool

One-day workshop for female members (and for members identifying as female) of the four Graz Universities.

Issues of sexism and sexual harassment in particular are being addressed more frequently and are no longer a taboo at universities. Gender-based discrimination and sexualized violence are related concepts. What do these terms denominate? Where does sexual harassment begin? Which far-reaching implications do different forms of sexism at universities have on individuals, teams and research institutions? And even more importantly: How can sexual harassment be addressed in the university context – identifying it, communicating it and acting in an empowered manner? In the course of this workshop, in trustful and creative exchange, we develop the skills to identify violating situations and to react to them as well as possibilities of prevention within one’s own university surroundings.


How the tool works, practical experience

Bringing together women (and persons identifying as female) from various backgrounds – scientists, students, administrative staff and managers – addresses and mediates a shared problem from numerous hierarchical perspectives which is beneficial to everyone.


Special Thanks

The workshop was developed in cooperation with the following organizations:

Antidiscrimination office Styria
Watchgroup gegen sexistische Werbung (“Watchgroup against sexist advertising”)
Working Group for Equal Opportunities University of Graz
HR Development University of Graz



Further Information (in German only)