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techNIKE summer workshops


Workshops at TU Wien for schoolgirls aged 10-14 (every year in July)

Target groups

other / Prospective Students /

Implementing organization

Vienna University of Technology - Gender Competence Department /


HR Development, E068H, tukids@tuwien.ac.at


Implemented at the Vienna University of Technology from 2008-2017

Relation to gender equality targets

Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) Development Plan 2016+, Section C.4 Promoting equality between men and women, Measures for 2016-2018: “Enhance appeal to female school pupils by continuing the successful program of information and recruitment activities targeted towards girls (FiT, TechNIKE, Daughters’ Day, Internships during holidays)

Promotional measures for girls are also part of the Equal Opportunities Plan at TU Wien (amongst numerous measures designed “to achieve the objective that all women and men at TU Wien have opportunities for development commensurate with their qualifications and that any existing hurdles for women shall be removed or counterbalanced.”) (Part I – Measures – Measures Pertaining to the Dimensions – Dimension: Gender). Section 23 of the Plan for the Advancement of Women also focuses on increasing the proportion of women in subject areas where women are underrepresented.

 The objective(s) of the tool

An initiative of TU Wien, techNIKE was designed to spark women’s interest for technology and engineering in greater numbers and to increase the proportion of female students in technical degree programs.

Description of the tool

Practically oriented 1-2 day workshops for girls in lower high school, on topics ranging across all eight faculties at TU Wien (architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, informatics, mechanical engineering, mathematics, physics, and technical chemistry)

How the tool works, practical experience

very popular with pupils and parents; enthusiastic participation and contributions from students and academic staff of TU Wien. Collaborative programs both within TU Wien and with external bodies (Wiener Ferienspiel, Kinderuni Technik, Junge Uni Krems)

Special Thanks

TU Wien; “WIT-Women in Technology 2008-2012” and “genderfair” projects