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Recommendations for incorporating gender studies in curricula


Recommendations for incorporating gender studies during the drafting of new curricula made by the Interdisziplinärer ExpertInnenrat Gender Studies – IER (Interdisciplinary Council of Experts on Gender Studies at the University of Salzburg)

Target groups

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Ingrid Schmutzhart; ingrid.schmutzhart@sbg.ac.at


Implemented from 2012-2014 at the University of Salzburg

Relation to gender equality targets

The University of Salzburg’s 2016 Gender Equality Plan explicitly recommends improving the integration of gender studies in research and teaching (Part IV of the current statutes, Section 75 (4) 1.)

The objective(s) of the tool

This measure aims to increase the integration of gender studies in research and teaching activities by recommending suitable measures for all new Curricula.

Description of the tool

After inquiring at the Senate, the IER (Interdisziplinärer ExpertInnenrat Gender Studies – Interdisciplinary Council of Experts on Gender Studies) was granted the opportunity to provide written feedback on the curriculum drafts during the preparation of new curricula. In order to allow for better incorporation of research on women and gender into the curriculum design, the Senate sent the curriculum drafts to the IER directly. Before being returned to the Senate, members of the IER rotated responsibility for reviewing and revising the respective curricula, incorporating aspects of gender studies. Curricula where then passed on to the responsible parties. When proposing revisions, the IER made a variety of recommendations on how to incorporate gender studies in manners appropriate to the draft curriculum submitted.

How the tool works, practical experience

Numerous recommendations on incorporating gender studies into the design of new curricula were adopted – it was an excellent opportunity to integrate more gender research and teaching into the Curricula.


Further information: Overview of Recommendations for Incorporating Gender Studies in Curricula (in German only)