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FIT (Women in Engineering) at JKU


Women in Engineering – offering advice and guidance to encourage female pupils to pursue technical and scientific subjects; in cooperation with FH Gesundheitsberufe OÖ (University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria)

Target groups

Prospective Students /

Implementing organization

JKU Linz - Department for Human Resource Development, Gender and Diversity Management /


Department for Human Resource Development, Gender and Diversity Management, gd@jku.at
Marianne Littringer, marianne.littringer@jku.at


At JKU since 2000

Relation to gender equality targets

Plan for the Advancement of Women § 3 Objectives and guiding principles of the Plan for the Advancement of Women
2. Advancing women
Advancement of women concerns promoting women’s access to university studies

Development Plan ’19-’24 and performance agreement ’19-’21:
“Furthermore, in order to encourage women to pursue scientific careers – particularly engineering and natural sciences – target group specific commitment across the entire course of education (spanning a period from early elementary learning to schools, up until entering university) is still necessary.”

The objective(s) of the tool

Increasing the proportion of female students in the fields of engineering and natural sciences. Showing that engineering and natural sciences can be an attractive field for young women.

Description of the tool

FIT Info Days
At JKU, FIT Info Days are traditionally organized in Science Park 3 on Monday and Tuesday (9.00-14.00) prior to the semester break at schools. In the lecture hall visitors receive insights into JKU’s offer of 18 different courses of study related to engineering and natural sciences. At least 12 different offerings of experiments, workshops and lab projects invite interested participants to devise their very own engineering taster course and facilitate personal experiences. Annually, two sample lectures convey impressions of university studies. The framework program consists of the “Market Place of Ideas” where female students of JKU and FH Gesundheitsberufe eagerly answer all questions regarding studying.

FIT Ambassadors at your School
Upon invitation, students enrolled in relevant degree courses travel to schools to give one to two-hour presentations or to offer individual counseling, for example during study fairs, concerning the degrees available at JKU.

FIT Excursions
Visiting Upper Austrian tech companies to gain an insight into “real-life” economies and jobs. Available to female pupils and female students. Annually ahead of the summer break.

How the tool works, practical experience

Numbers for 2019:
roughly 200 women attended the Info Days

With presentations and counseling 24 ambassadors reached 1375 pupils at more than 60 schools in Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Salzburg.