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muv – Mentoring program at the University of Vienna


Small group mentoring for female junior researchers

Target groups

Habilitands/Post-Doc /

Implementing organization

University of Vienna - Gender Equality and Diversity unit /




2001-2014, follow up programs: postdoc:muv und praedoc:muv

Relation to gender equality targets

The mentoring program is intended to increase the proportion of women in academia. Eliminating the underrepresentation of women is a key aspect of several policy documents at the University of Vienna. It is included in the Development Plan 2020 (Point 4.6.3. Gender equality and diversity) and in the Plan for the Advancement of Women (Section 2).

The objective(s) of the tool

This mentoring program is designed to allow female junior researchers access to supportive relationships and informal and formal networks. Enhancing both women’s professional standing as well as their access to careers in academia represents an additional, superordinate goal. The program also contributes to the creation of a culture of mentoring at the university.

Description of the tool

Conceived as small-group mentoring at the University of Vienna, groups of up to 4 mentees are supported by a professor (female ore male) for 3 semesters, involving regular meetings of the mentoring groups. At the beginning of the program, participants agree to a corresponding network. Furthermore, the program includes offers such as training seminars on softs skills, information events/fireside chats across all small groups.

How the tool works, practical experience

Evaluated several times, the mentoring program has been adapted and developed continually in response to the evaluation findings. In 2016, tasked with an additional evaluation, the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), invited everyone who had participated in the first six programs to complete an online survey. Illustrating diversity, its findings point towards varying perspectives concerning benefits for doctoral- and post-doc researchers, respectively.


Study of mentees’ career paths from muv1 to muv6.pdf (in German only)

Mentee Tracking Lessons Learned.pdf (in German only)