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TU Wien Women’s Award


The award honors female graduates of the Vienna University of Technology, who have conducted work and projects of particular significance during their careers.

Target groups

Graduates /

Implementing organization

Vienna University of Technology - Gender Competence Department /


Dr. Brigitte Ratzer, brigitte.ratzer@tuwien.ac.at


Implemented at the Vienna University of Technology since 2015

Relation to gender equality targets

Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) Development Plan 2016+, Section C.4 Promoting equality between men and women, Measures for 2016-2018: “Presenting positive role models”

Plan for the Advancement of Women at TU Wien, Preamble: “Female students should be encouraged to pursue an academic career by the example of female role models.

The objective(s) of the tool

The Women’s Award honors successful role models whose professional biographies serve as concrete examples and inspirations for the career planning of female students.

Description of the tool

Since 2015, TU Wien has honored female graduates who have conducted work and projects of particular social, economic and/or scholarly significance. These individual biographies render tangible the career options offered by studying science and technology. By embodying their professions, the women nominated provide inspiration for female students at universities and schools. A jury of prominent political figures and business professionals determines the eventual winner. Design of the sculpture for the award trophy was done by Helene Schauer – student of architecture at TU Wien.


Further information (in German only)