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Erika Weinzierl Prize and Scholarship


Measure promoting academic work within the framework of women’s and gender studies at the University of Salzburg.

Target groups

PhD students/pre-docs / University Students /

Implementing organization

University of Salzburg - gendup - Center for Gender Studies and the Advancement of Women /


Ingrid Schmutzhart; ingrid.schmutzhart@sbg.ac.at


Has been in existence at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg since 2002

Relation to gender equality targets

Specified in the University of Salzburg’s Plan for the Advancement of Women 2016 (Part IV of the current statutes), Section 60 (1) 2.

The objective(s) of the tool

The Erika Weinzierl Prize and the scholarship are thus an excellent opportunity to showcase research achievements within the interdisciplinary field of gender studies on the one hand, and on the other, to encourage junior scholars to investigate and engage with women- and/or gender issues – research topics of highest socio-political and cultural importance. Honoring these interdisciplinary contents, prize and scholarship represent important contributions to the validation of women’s and gender studies, simultaneously supporting publicly as well as effectively the promotion of gender-democracy as an objective of (scientific) policy. Prizewinners and scholarship holders also receive important (as well as) official recognition for their academic achievements so far.

Description of the tool

Every two years an excellent thesis within the framework of women’s and gender studies at the University of Salzburg is awarded the Erika Weinzierl Prize, endowed with €2,000. A doctoral scholarship (€1,800) has also been awarded since 2014. Master theses, diploma theses and doctoral theses submitted must have been approved at the University of Salzburg within the past two years and are required to innovatively tackle the gender variable in an area of human activity such as culture, society, technology, science and/or politics. For instance, assessing mechanisms and strategies for structuring said areas/systems on the basis of gender. Additional variables of inequality such as age, religion, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation can also be addressed. In the spirit of differing theoretical concepts coexisting, achievements committed to women’s studies may also be submitted. The prize is donated by the Women’s Office of Salzburg and the Office for Equal Opportunities, Anti-Discrimination and Women’s Promotion of the State Government of Salzburg; the scholarship is financed by the Department for Culture, Education and Knowledge of the City of Salzburg.

How the tool works, practical experience

Prizes and scholarships represent effective ways of achieving the desired goals. The festive award ceremony is staged in a venerable setting in the small library auditorium, accompanied by good PR coverage. In the course of the following semester, the scholarly work so distinguished is presented in a separate lecture and the doctoral thesis project is discussed as part of the Genderforum (forum for the promotion of gender-specific work).

Special thanks

Women’s Office of Salzburg, Office for Women’s Affairs, Diversity and Equality of the State Government of Salzburg and the Department for Culture, Education and Knowledge of the City of Salzburg


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