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Women and men at TU Wien: Figures, facts, analysis


Analyzing the gender composition of students and staff at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).

Target groups

no target group restriction /

Implementing organization

Vienna University of Technology - Gender Competence Department /


Dr. Brigitte Ratzer; brigitte.ratzer@tuwien.ac.at


Has been in existence at the Vienna University of Technology since 2012

Relation to gender equality targets

Career Advancement Plan for Women at TU Wien, Section 12 (Data on the proportion of women), Section 13 (Data on remuneration), Section 14 (Reporting obligations on the career advancement of women)


The objective(s) of the tool

Processing data gender-specifically allows for assertions concerning the actual situation of women and men. In doing so, subjective assessments concerning student body composition and academic performance of the various groups can be evaluated. The data additionally permits conclusions connected to implicit hierarchies and mechanisms of exclusion, establishing the argumentative basics for changes directed towards gender parity and gender equity.

Description of the tool

Every year, the Gender Competence department of the Vienna University of Technology authors a report on women and men at TU Wien.

The Women’s Report contains the following sections:

  1. Male/female degree completion rates for TU Wien in its entirety
  2. Overview of the development concerning the share of women since 2011
  3. Overall percentage of male/female academic and non-academic university staff at TU Wien for the current reporting year
  4. Compensation figures of women and men at TU Wien for the current reporting year
  5. Reports from the faculties: current reporting year; male/female ratio by faculties
  6. Students at the Vienna University of Technology


Further information