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Training course: Gender and Diversity Related Competencies for academics in technology and the natural sciences


Training course aimed at building “Gender and diversity related competences for academics” in fields of technology and natural sciences; in cooperation with Genderwerkstätte Graz (“Genderworkshop Graz”), 6 two-day modules, initial cycle started in winter term 2019/20

Target groups

scientific staff / artistic-scientific staff /

Implementing organization

Office for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity /


Armanda Pilinger, a.pilinger@tugraz.at,



Beginning in winter term 2019/20 – kickoff: 18 September 2019 – 1st module: 27/28 September 2019, 13 participants

The objective(s) of the tool

  • Identifying possible aspects of gender and diversity within one’s own field of research
  • Articulating aspects of gender and diversity in grant applications
  • Designing courses in a manner that is study-centered as well as gender and diversity conscious


Description of the tool

In winter term 2019/20, in collaboration with Genderwerkstätte Graz, TU Graz is for the first time offering a training course for developing “Gender and diversity related competencies for academics” in fields of technology and natural sciences. Consisting of 6 two-day modules, the course conveys theoretical principles in the domain of “gender & diversity”, specifically engaging areas of application within the context of technology and natural sciences.


Information on the study program in German available here.

Information folder: Course folder_GeD_2019_2020.pdf (in German only)