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Training/Certificate: Competence in gender and diversity issues within the university (University of Klagenfurt)


Training package/Certificate for university employees: Competence in gender and diversity issues within the university




Has been offered at the University of Klagenfurt (AAU) since 2018

Relation to gender equality targets

The establishment of an organizational culture which aims at intersectionality in its approach (Q7) and also strengthens both guiding principles of antidiscrimination/promotion of diversity and participation (Q1), represents a related university-wide objective. Amongst others, direct targets and impacts for employees, the organization and organizational units include:

  • Increasing sensitivity to and awareness of inequalities and (invisible) discrimination in academia
  • Gender and diversity skills in teaching and research
  • Raising awareness: changing the culture within specific scientific fields and organizations
  • Assisting employees seeking to attract third-party funded projects where gender and diversity skills are required.

The objective(s) of the tool

Grounded thematically in gender and diversity, the training program “Competence in gender and diversity issues within the university,” which includes an option for certification, is one particular activity to effect cultural change in the organization and to embed respective strategies and structures at Klagenfurt University (AAU); it contributes to achieving the university’s targets (see Development Plan and Performance Agreement), e.g.: promotion of an open society and balanced gender representation.

Description of the tool

In cooperation with the central office for “Personnel development & health management” the Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Studies developed the training program for all university employees. To complete the certificate “Competence in gender and diversity issues within the university,” a minimum of three events are selected (at least 24 units; 1 unit = 45mins) from four different competence training modules.

The following modules are available (different training events can be selected for each module):

1 . Gender and diversity skills and antidiscrimination – an introduction

2 . Gender and diversity issues in research (including training sessions with Roswitha Hofmann)

3 . Gender and diversity issues in teaching

4 . Gender and diversity issues in organizational culture

How the tool works, practical experience

No reports available yet.

Special thanks

Special thanks go to the University of Klagenfurt (AAU) office for Personell development and health Management.


More information (in German only): Info Zertifikat GenderDiversity