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Clinical PhD mentoring


Cross-gender small group mentoring within the Clinical PhD program at the Medical University of Innsbruck

Target groups

PhD students/pre-docs / scientific staff / artistic-scientific staff /

Implementing organization

Innsbruck Medical University - Coordination Office for Non-Discrimination, Promotion of Women and Gender Research /


Office for Women’s Empowerment and Mentoring, Claudia Beyer; claudia.beyer@i-med.ac.at


Implemented at the Medical University of Innsbruck since winter term 2013/14

Relation to gender equality targets

Organizational and legal basis at Medical University of Innsbruck: Development Plan, Performance Agreement 2016-2018

The objective(s) of the tool

This second mentoring program was established specifically for the Clinical PhD program. Its objective is to provide keen junior researchers in the field with significant contributions concerning career advancement and development.

Description of the tool

As one of the program specific lectures, the Clinical PhD mentoring program progresses over two semesters and is offered in the category of “Interdisciplinary training and transferable skills.” It is intended as a cross-gender project (with mentees and mentors of both sexes) for small-group mentoring. Each semester includes two mentoring meetings between the small group of mentees and the mentor, as well as the participation in a 2-day seminar selectable from the fields of career advancement, staff development, and networking.

How the tool works, practical experience

Running since the winter term 2013/14: five cycles with a total of 61 participants.

Special Thanks

Initiator and director of the Coordination Office, lecturer, and doctor, Professor Margarethe Hochleitner.


Further information (in German only)