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Data report: “Gender in Focus. Women and Men at the University of Vienna.”


Data publication detailing the proportion of women/men in the areas of students and staff at the University of Vienna.

Target groups

managerial staff / no target group restriction / University Management /

Implementing organization

University of Vienna - Gender Equality and Diversity unit /




Has been in existence at the University of Vienna since 2007 (published every two years)

Relation to gender equality targets

Several policy documents at the University of Vienna feature the elimination of underrepresentation of women in various areas.

Affirmative Action Plan for the Advancement of Women, Section 2 and Section 56;

Development Plan 2020, point 2.7 Equal Opportunities for all University Members, and point 4.6.3 Equality and Diversity (“For the University of Vienna, the promotion of gender equality between women and men is therefore a key concern. Objectives include a balanced ratio between women and men at all levels (…) and equal starting conditions and access opportunities for women and men.”)

The objective(s) of the tool

The publication is meant to serve as a reliable source of information concerning the proportion of women/men in the various areas at all faculties/centres of the University of Vienna. Beyond having informational functions, it is designed as a means of decision-making in strategic planning.

Description of the tool

The Gender Equality and Diversity unit publishes the report biannually; data is supplied internally by various university departments; publication is financed by the university – the respective budget approved by the Rectorate within the scope of target agreements.

How the tool works, practical experience

The report provides comprehensive information on varied facets in the area of students and staff; it is in great demand every year. Authored from a perspective of quantitatively analyzing gender relations, it is also being utilized as a valuable overview of figures, data and facts.


Data Brochure 2018.pdf (in German only)