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Controlling gender aspects in teaching at the University of Graz


Datasheet to support the Working Group for Equal Opportunities (AKGL) in approving the teaching plan

Target groups

University Management / Working Group on Equal Opportunities /

Implementing organization

Graz University - Coordination Centre for Gender Studies and Equal Opportunities /




Has been in existence at the University of Graz since 2012

Relation to gender equality targets

Plan for the Advancement of Women, Section 16, gender-balanced distribution of teaching.

The objective(s) of the tool

A detailed data overview of the proportion of women in teaching, in staff and in junior academic positions, providing the Working Group for Equal Opportunities with a substantiated basis in deciding on the approval of the teaching plans.

Description of the tool

To complete semester planning, the faculties-coordinators of the Working Group for Equal Opportunities must approve the teaching plan. To this end data on the percentage of women in the teaching hours concerned is available in the Campus-Online system. However, this data has to be considered in context (staffing situation, junior academics) and even then, is insufficient for reliably assessing the situation. For this reason, a datasheet providing a diverse range of information was developed, illustrating grouped by academic disciplines, the proportion of women in the semester hours of teaching and in the staff and junior academics across all faculties, for the last three academic years. In that way, the gender situation is conveyed to decision makers in detailed overview.


Special thanks

to Dr. Kirstin Eckstein


Example: controlling gender equality - teaching (in German only)