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Seminar series – “genderfair”


Seminar series for women at TU Wien: students, junior researchers, academics, and collaborative partners

Target groups

Committees / Habilitands/Post-Doc / PhD students/pre-docs / post-doctoral graduates / Professors / scientific staff / artistic-scientific staff / University Students /

Implementing organization

Vienna University of Technology - Gender Competence Department /


HR development, E068, personalentwicklung@tuwien.ac.at


Implemented at the Vienna University of Technology since 2008

Relation to gender equality targets

Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) Development Plan 2016+, Section C.4 Promoting equality between men and women: “TU Wien strives to raise the Glass Ceiling Index (GCI). Until the current underrepresentation of female academics and students is eliminated, specific measures for the advancement of women will be continued.”

Equal Opportunities Plan at TU Wien, Part I, 2. Measures, 2.2 Measures Pertaining to the Dimensions, 2.2.1 Dimension: Gender: “TU Wien commits itself to the career advancement of women and to creating positive and career-advancing conditions for women. Accordingly, TU Wien views it as a joint task of all members of the university to achieve the objective that all women and men at TU Wien have opportunities for development commensurate with their qualifications and that any existing hurdles for women shall be removed or counterbalanced.”

The objective(s) of the tool

Female students and academic staff are supported in their careers and their professional development by the projects “WIT-Women in Technology 2008-2012” and “genderfair 2013-2017” at TU Wien.

Description of the tool

Focusing particularly on women and their career paths at technical universities and in technical professions, the seminar series provides knowledge and develops skills in addition to regular studies.

So far, seminar titles have included: “The right words: word editing for scientists,” “Presenting your research – professional presentation skills for science and technology,” “Representing yourself in key situations – preparing professionally” “Write up your career: 3 key texts that will get you the job”

How the tool works, practical experience

Excellent cooperation between trainers and participants was facilitated by the content’s high quality as well as its specific relevance for the target group and additionally resulted in enhanced networking between female students and academics at the university. Seminar themes were constantly adjusted and developed based on continuous feedback.

Special Thanks

TU Wien; “WIT-Women in Technology 2008-2012” and “genderfair” projects