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GB guide for planning and budgeting at the University of Graz


Guide on incorporating gender budgeting into planning and budgeting processes, including instructions for gender-relevance testing at the University of Graz.

Target groups

budget holders / managerial staff /

Implementing organization

Graz University - Coordination Centre for Gender Studies and Equal Opportunities /




Has been offered at the University of Graz since 2014

Relation to gender equality targets

Gender budgeting is explicitly included in the performance agreement (2010-12, 2013-15, 2016-18) and in the Development Plan (2010-15, 2016-18). In 2014, the University of Graz adopted gender equality as a budgeting principle. It is a key component in all planning and budgeting processes.

The objective(s) of the tool

Providing persons involved in planning and budgeting with basic information on gender budgeting and supporting them in realizing the budgeting principle of “gender equality orientation”. The complementary testing framework for assessing gender relevance is intended to raise awareness of the fact that aspects of gender can prove to be pertinent in almost any area.

Description of the tool

Offering a brief overview of gender budgeting in general, the guideline illustrates specific questions concerning realization both within the scope of planning and budgeting at the University of Graz and also, in the future, for budgetary execution. Brief examples and issues that budget managers should consider during planning are discussed for the areas of staff cost, teaching cost, and materials. Concerning revenue and budgetary execution there remains a need of further elaboration.

A testing framework for assessing gender relevance  allowing to identify areas of interest supplements the Information.

How the tool works, practical experience

The guideline contributes to the topic’s visibility and assists in the information process. Explanations in regard to the gender relation of certain expenditures and planning items are rendered easier by the testing framework for assessing gender relevance.

Special Thanks

to Dr. Kirstin Eckstein.


Guideline.pdf (in German only)